“Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage are corrective, preventative and therapeutic disciplines,” Says John Edward Kennett. “Helping lengthen tight, shorter dominant muscles; then strengthening weaker muscles, via specific exercises, will help bring the body into a more neutral alignment.”
John regularly treats professional dancers from the contemporary and ballet worlds; including productions Phantom of the Opera (Copenhagen), Cats, Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, English National Opera; and treated the England U21 Rugby team; professional footballer players and National Athletes, international musicals and music conductors; academy and professional rugby players.
Focusing on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, releasing unremitting patterns of tension in the body via expert manipulation. Enabling improved training and performance, better posture whilst seated behind a computer and better injury rehabilitation and fundamentally improve injury prevention.
Home visits are be available
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Essential to all sports and all physical activity, this massage will loosen stressed muscle tissue that is restricting oxygen and nutrient circulation, and release toxins from muscles enabling blood and oxygen to circulate efficiently.
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"As a professional dancer I have encountered many different Massage and Physio treatments whilst touring all over the world with Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake and Notre Dame de Paris but Johnny has to be the best I have ever experienced. “
Jodie Blemings
Through a combination of patience, enthusiasm and good humour backed up with technical expertise at the highest level - never have difficult concepts been explained so clearly - John, through his excellent instruction, have made me stronger, fitter, healthier and, crucially, more aware of how my body works and what I need to do to look after it.
It would not be too fanciful to say that he has improved and enhanced the quality of my life.
He is worth every penny and I can't recommend him too highly.
Paul Johnston
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Working as a researcher and consultant, I'm keen to make the most of sessions within a time-pressured schedule, & scrutinise the service I get!
I cannot fault Johnny's work in any way. I am always impressed with his articulacy & desire to help clients to understand how their body works (or not, as the case may be!). This is refreshing when it can often feel that you're kept in the dark & shunted along a production line. Johnny's approach empowers clients to be more in control & proactive when it comes to their own wellbeing so that, ultimately, you're building a long-term solution, rather than simply attending a series of sessions.
Across all of this, Johnny achieves the perfect balance between an approachable, light-hearted & empathetic approach, while also conveying a professionalism & expertise that generates unquestionable reassurance and respect.
If you're of the school that likes to be disengaged from what's going with your body & hand yourself over to a silent, old-school practitioner, Johnny won't be for you. To everyone else, I'd recommend him in a heartbeat.
Denise Hicks
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