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John E Kennett provides personal and production support at sporting venues, West End theatres, television studios: giving his expertise and support that ensures amazing people, can reach more their potential and maintain excellence throughout.
International Music Conductors
International Dancers and Musicians
Technical teams
professional rugby teams
National teams
Benefits of expert assessment, treatment and coaching is sound risk management for any production.
John E Kennett’s professional treatment averts many common injuries caused by over-use, improper technique and postural dysfunction. Conditions can often be improved simply with advice and recommendations, and more chronic problems can be treated following the assessment before they become a “show stopper!”
"As a professional dancer I have encountered many different Massage and Physio treatments whilst touring all over the world with Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake and Notre Dame de Paris but Johnny has to be the best I have ever experienced. “
“It was whilst dancing the role of Jack Frost in the West End production of The Snowman that Johnny first treated me and I found the whole session to be utterly incredible.”
“With Johnny's insight and incredible knowledge of the body, he was able to give me the exact treatment that was needed every time, whether it be a short session focusing on a specific area just so I could get through that evenings show or a full treatment on a day off to properly rejuvenate my body, preventing injury and enabling me to finish the run without harm. “
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