It is paramount that an assessment of the musculoskeletal systems are carried out to indicate muscle imbalances and congenital defects.
The importance of these assessment techniques enable John to avert the occurrence of many common injuries caused by improper technique, over-use and postural dysfunction.
Existing conditions can often be improved simply with advice and recommendations, and more chronic problems can be treated following the assessment.
postural assessment
"I am extremely grateful to John for spotting the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome symptoms I have been suffering from for so many years. Where physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractics, massage therapists, personal trainers, and GPs have failed in diagnosing my pain, John's knowledge, years of experience and natural aptitude for listening to his clients have successfully helped me put behind many years of physical discomfort."
Monica sanchez
 "After many years of physio and other treatments for chronic back pain, the work John has done with me has been incredible. He has my eternal thanks!"
Claire Hoffman
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